The Impetus

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“So, what do you do for fun?”

I hate that question! First of all, lazy! Unoriginal. Come on, try a little harder to relate to me, please, sir! But really I’m just being defensive because this question often makes me realize how uninteresting I can be at times.

In a world of online dating and social media influencers, if you aren’t a travel-blogging model-activist launching your latest non-profit tech start-up, you can feel a little boring and inadequate.

“I should have never quit playing the drums in high school.” “I should have taken Spanish instead of French class.” “I should really spend my Saturday nights on Youtube learning how to hip-hop dance.” Ok, maybe that one is better for Monday nights : )

Why as adults do we stop learning new things? Most people would tell you that they DO want to spend more time learning something new (hobbying), and most people could name their top subjects/activities top of mind.  So what keeps us from following through? 

There are actually a lot of barriers, so don’t be too hard on yourself. The sheer volume of options is on one hand a gift, but can also be paralyzing. Finding opportunities that fit your schedule and budget can also take a lot of time to research. And maybe most importantly, fear and avoidance of expensive, long term commitments, just in case it isn’t your thing after all.

Like most bad habits, it takes a conscious effort to change. If you don’t feel good about your physical health you buy a gym membership, hire a personal trainer, eat better, and commit to certain lifestyle changes in order to make a difference. We should care for our brains and our mental health the same way. Learning makes our brains happy!

To transform from a “dreamer” to a “do-er”, start by taking inventory of the following:

1. If you could learn anything by osmosis, what would it be?
-Let’s take osmosis off the table just for a second, because, you know – reality. How difficult would it be to take just one class/lesson?
-Who teaches this magical subject or skill near you?
-How much would you be willing to budget for this experience, just once?

2. If you aren’t sure what your one thing would be, do you have a category you think you would most enjoy?
-Are you into health and wellness?
-Do you love cooking? Or want to learn how to cook?
-Is there an inner creative inside of you screaming to come out?
-Do you want to make things with your hands?

3. How much time would you be willing to commit to a new endeavor?
-Can you give yourself one hour a month for learning?

I began my rant with a quote, so I’ll go out with one, too. Let this one simmer…

“It’s not what you are, it’s what you don’t become that hurts the most” – Oscar Levant

Yours in Hobbying,

Jackie, Founder – Hobby Hour